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Let's talk Renovation!

We will give you exceptional work for a fair price. The sky is the limit for the re-design of your Snowshoe getaway!

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Let's chat about your current condo here at Snowshoe, or talk about our ever-changing 'pre-Brigham' inventory- waiting for you to choose the Brigham colors, finishes, and furniture. We even do owner financing. Check out our 'Inventory' link. We have expertise and passion for providing this terrific Brigham package- and we do smaller renovations as well.  Regardless of the upgrades you desire, we will respond promptly to emails and calls. We would love to show you our past and current projects during your next visit to Snowshoe!​


Matt Lee, GC

Lee Properties, LLC

Phone: (304) 638-3597


Hours: Monday - Saturday 9am-6pm

Address: PO Box 534 Snowshoe, WV 26209-0534

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