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Construction Services Limited to Snowshoe Mountain Condos and Homes

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When I started Lee Properties nearly 20 years ago, we built traditional 4BR brick homes- just like my dad and his dad did for decades.  After several years of doing only new construction, I moved to downtown Charleston, WV and began learning how to transform empty downtown commercial space into swanky lofts. We designed and built several custom lofts with fun features like acid-stained concrete floors, wide-open floor plans, and Subzero/Wolf kitchens. 

We have a big one available for sale if you're looking for a serious full-floor residence beside the newly-renovated library on Capitol Street…

 However, the cool summers of Snowshoe, plus the promise of powder days, drew my wife Lauren and me to this mountain; we moved here full-time 4 years ago, and brought the construction bug with us. 

We are on the mountain essentially every day working on projects. Over time, I have been able to assemble a crew of craftsmen and women who have integrity- and a true passion for construction. We are focused on updating Snowshoe 1 condo at a time :)

Time to get rid of the yellow walls, faded carpets, formica countertops, and dark living spaces! We would love to talk to you about how we can breathe new life into your piece of Snowshoe. 

Although Lee Properties will definitely help you with smaller jobs, Brigham (full-scale) renovations are our specialty. You may already know that this conversion essentially consists of new stuff from the ground up: 

Solid-wood, soft-close kitchen and bath cabinets,

 granite/soapstone/quartz countertops, 

new wiring for extensive new ceiling and pendant lighting, 

modern tile flooring in entry, kitchen and baths, 

Replacing the carpet-  often with a modern LVP flooring,  

new Kohler (or whatever your preference) sinks/fixtures,  

fresh window treatments, 

Sherwin-Williams paint all-around, 

HD big-screen wall-mounted TVs (4K smartTVs)  

Furniture replacement- including sofas/chairs/tables/lamps/comforters/etc... 

Of course, you have the option to do a scaled-down reno, or a full-on custom Brigham mountain oasis. 

Value that the Brigham designation adds is four-fold:

 1) higher nightly rental rates

 2) lower rental fee from Snowshoe (20% instead of 25%) 

3) the simple enjoyment of a luxurious getaway for you 

4) higher resale- we will be happy to discuss our pleasant experience with Brigham resales. Thanks Alterra!

Our designer Lauren will work closely with you to help you select your finishes, fixtures, colors, and furniture- ranging from traditional to modern to industrial to whatever you can dream up! Our typical turnaround time for a 1BR condo is about 7 weeks- just add about 2 weeks for each additional BR/Ba.

We have renovated over 30 condos to Brigham standards, ranging from JR studios to 6BR condos. We would be happy to show you our work the next time that you are on the mountain.

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